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Naruto test :DDDDD

`~ your life with Sasuke ~`

You are a good person who sometimes makes mistakes, you have a heart that just wants everyone to be happy though you are missred at times, you make sasuke happy and everyone loves you.

Bf: Sasuke
Bff: Hinata

What everyone thinks of you ...

Naruto: Shes awsome, really strong and a great friend.
Sasuke: I love her so much i never thought that I would find something that means so much to me, I'm going to have her restore my clan with me.
Sakura: I don't like that she took Sasuke but she is a really nice person and we are good friends.
Shikamaru: Hot and a good friend.
Ino: Don't like the fact she took Sasuke but shes a nice person and is pretty i have to admit.
Choji: I like her a lot.
Kiba: She is smoking hot and is super strong damn that Uchiha.
Hinata: Were best friends and she is the nicest person I have ever met, i hope to be like her someday.
Shino: Strong...she has amazing power.
Lee: Cutie and is a really sweet girl.
Tenten: Her and Sasuke make a cute pair, I think that she will go far as a ninja.
Neji:... I ... think shes cute
Gaara: Good friend I like her a lot.
Temari: She is sweet, sometimes i wonder about her though.
Kankuro: Dead sexy.
Kakashi: She is great, she has made Sasuke happier then i have ever seen and she is Really pretty, and one of the strongest ninja i have ever met.
Guy: Hot girl filled with youth *smiles*
Kurenai: We are lucky to know her she has made Hinata a stronger ninja i thank her for that.
Sai: hehe cute i like her

Pein: Very strong we need her
Konan: Beautiful and strong the perfect ninja.
Tobi: Shes pretty... Tobi is a good boy.
Deidara: Pretty but still I'M DEAD
Sasori: Same as Deidara
Itachi: Pretty girl, why is she with my brother and not me *sulks*
Kisame: I like her hehe
Zetsu: I want to eat her...

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