Tak tohle mi vyšlo :D

28. února 2008 v 23:06 | Fallen angel |  Moje blbý kecy
Slytherin má oblíbená kolej mmmmmmm...

Your Name: Christina McLaughlin
Description: shoulder lenght (sp? I can't remember how to spell today) light brown hair with blue eyes. about 5'3" and weigh 125 lbs.
House and year: Slytherin 5th year
Your BF: Draco Malfoy
Your BFF: Pansy and her gang
What they think of you:
Harry: "I hate her she and that git Malfoy make a perfect couple." hate's you.
Ron: "Yesturday she cast a spell on me so, every time I went into a room my hair would turn pink!" hates you.
Neville: " S-s-she scar-r-res me" Is terrified of you.
Seamus: "She's creepy." Do I really have to say it?
Dean: "Same as Seamus." Same as above.
Hermione: "She's exactly like Malfoy in every way possible." Hates you.
Hannah Abbott: "She scares every 5th year in every house except Slytherin." Is afraid of you.
Ernie Macmillan: "She lives off people's pain and fear." Thinks your creepy and power obessed.
Cho: "Scary" Is afraid of you.
Draco: "She is the most perfect g/f in the whole world." Loves you.
Pansy "I'm upset she got to my Draco first but she is my BEST friend!" is jealouse (sp?) that your Draco's g/f but is your best friend.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 moly moly | Web | 29. února 2008 v 17:15 | Reagovat

jeziskute ja to z aj neprelozim:D

2 moly moly | Web | 29. února 2008 v 17:18 | Reagovat

ale jinak ahojky jak je memu SB ??

3 MarryT MarryT | Web | 2. března 2008 v 18:11 | Reagovat

A na jakým odkazu jsi si ten test dělala moc ráda bych ho zkusila taky...

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